Metabolic Training



Did you know that 90% of people who join the gym do so to lose body fat and 100% of them want some sort of body transformation?


Unfortunately the typical gym does nothing for you. You basically rent their equipment for a few months, see no results, and then quit until you decide to give it a shot again next year. This is the viscous cycle that way too many Americans have fallen into over the past few decades.


Welcome to Infinite Fitness Metabolic Resistance Training


You make a commitment to yourself and we’ll make a commitment to you.
Together we will change your life!


Our Metabolic Resistance Training is a group run training program which is unique from all other “boot camps” and such programs around. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to incorporate proper mobility drills, as well as strength-based exercises, with proper progressions/regressions on a per client basis. Our Metabolic Resistance Training is based on an alternating set or circuit training format using a wide variety of exercises which include bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, suspension training systems, kettlebells, med balls, sleds, ropes and more. Our Metabolic Resistance Training sessions are designed to provide strength training in an intense interval based style.


Whether you are looking to really drop some unwanted pounds or you are looking to simply get back into the best shape of your life there’s a reason why our Metabolic Resistance Training should be your number one choice. A regular MRT Session will have you burning up to 500 calories in about 30 min. That’s not all; because of the intense interval style programming you will see a dramatic rise in EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). EPOC measures the energy used to bring your body from an intense workout condition back to its normal condition. This process can last for up to 48 hours, leaving you burning tons of extra calories even once your workout is complete!


Before you start a session or lift a weight, we will conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment in order to assess your mobility and identify any issues that could impact your training. With the results of the fitness assessment, we will create a road map to help you achieve success. Each month, we reevaluate our plan and make necessary modifications in order to prevent plateau and further your fitness and health. At Infinite Fitness, you will track your progress as you exercise under the supervision and guidance of an experienced coach. In addition to your fitness program, you will also receive monthly weigh-ins and body fat percentage calculations to keep you focused on achieving your fitness goals along with discounted nutritional coaching opportunities.

Download a FREE Copy of Our Fat Loss Success System

  Download a FREE Copy of Our Fat Loss Success System