Athlete of the Month-Maddison Ferrara

First, Infinite Fitness would like to announce the reinstatement of the Athlete of the Month. Starting with today’s selection, we will report the Athlete of the Month on the first Monday of every month.

Second, we will be selecting our athlete based on what we hear from the ATHLETES themselves. We may hear things from parents or in the news, but we encouraged our athletes to keep us up to date on what they’re doing. We will continue to leave the athlete uniformed until the announcement is made.

Without further adieu, let’s get to the Athlete of the Month!

After a busy summer the Infinite Fitness staff has noticed the commitment and hard work of one of our younger athletes, Maddison Ferrara. It only seems fitting to choose her as August’s Athlete of the Month.

The biggest reason we’ve selected Ferrara is she embodies what it means to be an Infinite Fitness athlete to the fullest extent. Although her upcoming schedule appears daunting, with school, Somerset Middle School Field Hockey and her ice hockey team, the South Coast Panthers, slated to start, she still fully expects to make all of her training sessions.

Pretty impressive time-management—never mind the fact that she’s an eighth grader.

“With so many kids and athletes that say they want to be elite very few are willing to make the sacrifice to do what it takes,” coach Mike Fernandes said. “Maddy is one of those few.  She puts forth 100% effort in everything she does and never looks for an excuse as to why she can’t find time to train and get better but instead says, ‘I MUST find a way to get better and do what others aren’t willing to do.'”

Madison has also received multiple honors since joining the Infinite family, including First Place for the 2016 Grizzlies Future Stars Ice Hockey Skills Competition (the season she recently finished playing) and helped her team win Silver at the end of the season, finishing second only to the organization’s U19 team.

In addition to field hockey and ice hockey, Maddison has been a member of the Yearbook and Debate Club, as well as Volunteering at Wigglekids®.

“Madison has always been a disciplined kid, but going to the gym has stepped up her game to a level I’ve never seen,” Kim Ferrara, Madison’s mother, said. “She is starting to understand what sacrifice is, that if she wants something bad enough, there are things she is willing to give up or change to get herself there. This could be things like free time, energy, money, an activity, a social gathering, a special sweet treat—whatever it is, she is now mindful that the present moment effects the future more than she ever thought. She also understands patience more than she did before when setting goals for herself and seeing the results. Her small changes have led to big results and over time, they have compounded into the bigger picture of the ultimate goal she set for herself. “

Please join us in congratulating our Infinite Fitness family member Maddison Ferrara as the August Athlete of the Month!