Athlete Of The Month – Andrew Vernon

For those who had the benefit of watching this year’s Bay Sox season, it’s more than likely you saw Infinite Fitness’s Athlete of the Month, Andrew “Vern” Vernon. The big righty was the anchor of the bullpen, working through 29 inning in 17 appearances, tied for fifth most appearances in the league. The setup man logged a rock-solid 1.86 ERA, while striking out 24 in the process.


Attending Division I North Carolina Central University, Vern sat 90-93, topping out at 94. In his time spent with Infinite, he was able to improve on his mobility and flexibility, making the jump to top out at 97 against the Plymouth Pilgrims.


“Vern’s mobility and flexibility were a major issue coming in, it was no secret once he started doing his correctives,” strength coach Nick Friar explained. “He worked his tail off to learn every exercise by heart, do them every day and it was easy to see his improvements. While hearing anyone throw that hard is impressive and a shock for anyone, it’s less surprising with him, given how hard he works. Vern’s a name you’ll want to follow and remember. And I hope whoever got his autograph this year holds tight to it–might be worth something someday.”


The North Carolina-native believes that others will see gains like he has, if they commit the time to their craft like he did.


“Winners find a way and losers make excuses,” Vern said. “Working out at Infinite has helped me out a tremendous amount. I have seen my game go to a new level. Once I started going to Infinite, I saw my fastball increase and my stamina go up.”

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