Athlete Training



Infinite Fitness Sports Performance is an elite sports-specific training facility. Here we take our knowledge and experience from working with  professional athletes and use it to help our area’s top athletes reach the next level and succeed.


If you want to get bigger, faster, stronger and better, our individual program design and our top notch coaches will get you their we guarantee it. We are a no-nonsense and no excuses training facility and we are not for everyone. We are passionate and committed to the point that we only work with athletes that are 100% committed to becoming the best they can be. Our athletes have gone on to compete in college, get college scholarships, and play professionally and so can you!


We believe that our athlete’s great results are just as much related to their attitude and dedication as they are to the expert programming and coaching we provide.  Our athletes don’t miss training sessions!


However, before a training program is designed all athletes must meet with one of our coaches for a Success Session.  During this session they are put through an in-depth assessment to check for any muscular imbalances or restrictions that may be limiting their performance and could lead to injury.  In addition we will discuss the athletes past training experiences, their sport, goals, nutrition and much more.


Sign up for a Success Session today to find out how we can help you become the area’s next big name!


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