Parents of Infinite Athletes

What Parents Are Saying:

It takes a village, and the opportunity to play at Boston College is a reflection of the extraordinary baseball staff of the Newport Junior Gulls organization, the work with your talented trainers.  We’re so grateful that Daniel found this baseball family who understood him, pushed him, and put his dreams within reach.

-Jay Baruch- Dad of Boston College Bound Dan Baruch

“When Cassie became an athlete at Infinite, we were impressed by the detailed Success Session Mike had with her,” Diane expressed. “He made sure she had three goals to work towards, all of which she has met. We like the structure of the program; they continue to increase Cassie’s reps and weights, which allows her to always strive for her full potential. We have seen dramatic improvements with her batting, arm strength, and speed. She has consistently improved her running times and jump distance in track & field, too. It is a controlled program designed to protect against injuries. She is motivated to go to the gym, and the environment is great because they celebrate her success and she gets to witness other athlete’s success. The staff always pushes her to do her very best in a caring, yet motivational way. It was obvious from her very first day at Infinite that everyone there had a vested interest in making her a better athlete and person and we are grateful that they have continued to do that.”

– Diane Graca –Mom of WPI softball standout Cassie Grace


“The training program Leslie has had at infinite fitness has made a big impact on her performance this season. Not only has her velocity increased, but she has been able to maintain her endurance throughout 7 innings without fatigue and she even throws harder as the game progresses. I also have noticed an increase in her energy, and I am very impressed with how strong she has become. Leslie becoming a member has been the best decision for her. We are very comfortable knowing she will be able to handle the college training.”

– Lori Wilson, – Mom of Leslie Denis CASE Cardinal and Post University Standout Pitcher


“Being an overweight 13 year old two years ago, Ben’s self-confidence was riding pretty low. When he joined Infinite Fitness, its core membership was primarily made up of young adults and college kids. To see his desire, eagerness, and dedication to working out consistently and eating healthy showed a tremendous amount of courage and self-determination. That dedication has brought about incredible results. We couldn’t be any more proud of him. “Helping Ben along the way was a caring, patient, and very knowledgeable staff who immediately took him under their wings and pushed him to limits far beyond our initial expectations. There is no doubt that their dedication and genuine interest in wanting him to succeed provided a great impact on reaching his goals. Their motivation and support had much to do with his desire to return night after night. “Yet, Ben’s involvement with IF goes much deeper than his improved health and physique. The staff has also helped him mentally. They provide a positive influence on his overall life, teaching life lessons and skills. They are mentors and role models. Their relentless pursuit to help guide and shape him into becoming the best he can possibly be is something we will forever be grateful for. “

-Denis Maurer- Father of Ben Maurer, Old Colony multi-Sport Athlete


“I first brought my son Colin, who just turned 13, to Infinite in March of 2014 after seeing a former teammate of his and being amazed at how fit he was. I asked his father how his son had gotten in so much better shape and he told me about Infinite Fitness and how it had literally changed his son’s life. The exact words he used was that it was “life changing”. Colin, who plays baseball, wanted to improve his game for his last year of Little League and beyond and asked if we could check out Infinite Fitness. I did some research and found out that Mike Fernandes is a leader in the field of sports performance and decided to have an assessment done and check out the facility. As part of the assessment, Mike asked what sport or sports we wanted the program to be designed for. He then designed a program to correct Colin’s weaknesses and tailored it specifically for baseball. I was very impressed by Mike and the atmosphere and decided to make the commitment. Although it’s only been four months, the change in Colin has been remarkable. He is much stronger and explosive which is evident in his bat speed, his throwing velocity, and his speed. After hitting only one home run last year he has a total of 21 this year between Little League and AAU. He feels great about the changes in his body and it has shown in his confidence on and off the field. His performance in the fitness tests at school have also improved markedly. I know this is just the beginning and that a year or two from now he will be far and above where he is now. One concern that I had after making the commitment was that it may get monotonous and that he would tire of going, but that hasn’t been a problem. He looks forward to going and the fact that the program changes monthly helps to keep things fresh and interesting. The energy and enthusiasm that Mike and his staff bring makes it fun and motivational. They constantly ensure that the exercises are done correctly to avoid injury and to provide the maximum benefit. Recently a friend of Colin’s has joined after seeing the change in Colin and we are constantly being asked by other friends and teammate’s parents what he is doing to get the results he has had. I would tell anyone looking for a sports performance training facility for themselves or for their children that they should absolutely consider Infinite Fitness. I have seen first hand the results they can produce.

–Bill Fahey


“I have to say that Alex was very excited to start get new program last night, it was all she has talked about all weekend. The PT is happy with her progress as was the surgeon a few weeks ago. Thanks for all of the help from you and your team! She would not be where she is already without your help!!”

–Jen Soqui- Mom of Alex Soqui New Bedford high Standout Pitcher


“First, I have to say Thank You so much to the team there. My son is really enjoying his sessions. It has been the best medicine for him. Amazing what just being in the proper environment can do. He struggles with anxiety, adhd, along with a few other additional obstacles. Your gym is better than any medication he has ever tried. AND the beauty is, no side effects, just gains. The staff is AMAZING! They are true mentors that motivate for physical gains, and even more so for emotional gains. the transformation we have seen in such a short time has been amazing on all levels. Our only regret is we didn’t find you sooner. Thanks again for everything!!

– Josette


When Kyleigh starting training with Mike and the team she was struggling with her stamina, posture and foot/leg inconsistencies while competing in Irish dance. She auditioned and was accepted into a prestigious Irish dance production in New York over the summer and is on her way to Ireland to compete in the World Irish Dance Championships as an Open Champion competitor. A coach from Ireland watched her compete last weekend and said she looked like a new dancer! Said he cannot wait to work with her and she has improved so much since he last saw her a few months ago. Kyleigh could never have made those changes without the strength and conditioning you have provided. She loves coming to work out. Thank you so much for providing such an encouraging, upbeat environment for her to train. Sky is the limit for her now with the skills you are teaching! Thank you so much!!!!

-Kelly Anderson