Smiddy’s Journey to Losing 100lbs

If you take a step on the floor at Infinite Fitness you’ll mainly see a dozen young athletes moving every which way, and coaches shuffling around trying to keep up.

But there are a few adult clients out there you’ll see, one in particular who you might not recognize if you haven’t seen her since she joined our Infinite Family.

Why? Probably because she’s nearly lost 100 pounds since then.

And to think, she almost quit before she even started.


“Even when I first made the decision to start working out and set up my assessment here, I wanted to cancel,” Amy Smiddy said. “I had some stupid reason about the weather and just a dumb reason.”


But thankfully, Smiddy, 40, had a voice in her head telling her to make the jump – literally.


“He just called me one day and said ‘You have to do it and stick to it or you can just talk about it for the rest of your life,’” Smiddy said about Infinite Fitness coach Kyle Fernandes. “That was like a life-changing moment for me, that one phone call. As hard as it was to hear that, I was like, ‘You know what, he’s absolutely right.’”

Smiddy – known by some as “Smidds” or “The lady who lost all that weight,” – couldn’t recall one distinct moment where she felt change had to be made, but she was starting to notice a trend and identified a change had to be made.


“I started paying attention to what I was eating just because I had gotten to the point where none of my clothes were fitting,” Smiddy said. “I had to buy larger size, which was totally disgusting me be I had lost weight before. I got the job I have now working midnights and stood all the time and I gained like 20 pounds in like no time, in a month.


“I started thinking, ‘If I keep this up, I’m going to be huge.’ I wanted to feel better and look better. Instead of just talking about it, I actually wanted to do.”

While reaching that 100-pound mark is an amazing achievement it didn’t come simply. There were highs, lows, smiles and tears along the way.


But once she started, there was never a moment where Smiddy thought about quitting – even when faced with the toughest obstacle, changing her diet.

“Eating was a huge challenge,” Smiddy said. “That was a huge struggle for me in the beginning. Even after I started losing weight I was still struggling, I wasn’t eating enough or I was eating too much of the wrong foods.


“Even to this day I still learn things; Like I have a hard time wrapping my head around that I eat more food now, but I still lose weight – which still blows my mind.”

Now Smiddy uses the new Infinite Fitness Nutrition Coaching program, and she continues to see results, moving down to a size 10 in pants and small in t-shirts – the smallest sizes she’s reached in her adult life.  You can imagine the wardrobe change she’s gone through, going from a size 24 in pants to where she is now.

“The fact that I can go to any store and I buy a piece of clothing without even trying it on, and it fits drives me everyday,” Smiddy said. “That was something I was never able to do, or I would see something and go try it on and it would never fit. Now I’m still stuck in the mindset that I’m a 14 or a 16 and I bring things in the dressing room and I’m like ‘This is way too big, what was I thinking?’ That’s huge for me because I like getting dressed now, I like going shopping now and that’s what keeps me going.”

“I can’t wait to get a bathing suit this year – which I’ve never been able to say – just to see what I look like because I feel like I don’t need to cover up as much. That’s just a girly thing.”


Smiddy’s made a remarkable change in how she feels, in her appearance – to her life in general. But by no means did she set out thinking she would get this far, and she firmly believes making these changes are attainable for anyone with the right approach.


“Once you find a program – and I’m going to use it in relation to my family at Infinite Fitness – if you make the commitment to walk in this door and you follow what the coaches tell you to do, you’ll make it – no matter how hard it is,” Smiddy said. “You just keep pushing everyday. Even if it’s a little change, you do 100 more steps than yesterday or your try to do one thing that you couldn’t do before, as long as you stick with it and trust in the process it’s amazing.

“I never thought that I would get to this point. I always thought ‘Yeah I want to look like that,’ but never thought I would get here. If people want to do it, the support system and the resources at Infinite are phenomenal.

Yeah it costs a little bit of money and it’s a lot of investment in yourself, but it is totally worth it because it has changed my life in an unimaginable way.”