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blake_maxwell“I started working with Mike during the 2009 off season. He constantly changes up workouts to keep my muscles guessing while focusing on increasing my functional strength and protecting me from injury. The program he designed for me not only makes working out fun and motivating, but it really prepared me for the grind of a long season. The 2010 season was the best of my career and I can attribute a lot of that success to the help Mike gave me.”

–Blake Maxwell, 2005 Boston Red Sox Draft Pick


stephen_fife“If you are an athlete, especially a baseball player who is looking to take your game to the next level then I strongly recommend you train at Infinite Fitness. Mike’s individual plan design which in addition to strength training incorporates med ball, sled work, rotator cuff work etc. will not only have you throwing faster and hitting harder but it will make sure that your body can hold up for what can sometimes be a lengthy season.”

–Stephen Fife, 2011 member of the LA Dodgers


kyle_fern“After training with Mike during the 2010 off-season I entered camp at under 9% body fat and had added 5 mph to my fastball. I was hitting 90-91mph on a regular basis something I hadn’t done since converting to sidearm. If you are a hard worker who really wants to improve I would suggest you take your training to Infinite Fitness”

–Kyle Fernandes, 2005 Boston Red Sox Draft Pick


“Winners find a way and losers make excvernonuses. Working out at Infinite has helped me out a tremendous amount. I have seen my game go to a new level. When I first met with Mike for my assessment he nailed all of the restrictions and imbalances that I had and explained how they were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Once I started going to Infinite, I immediately felt a difference in how I was moving and how strong I felt. It was only a couple of months before I saw my fastball increase from hitting 93 to hitting 97 .”

–Andrew Vernon 2016 Milwaukee Brewers Draft Pick, NC Central University


“In the spring of 2012 I had made the NCAA Championships in the Hammer throw and finished in 9th place, one place shy of All-American status. This was a very disappointing finish to me. I had not done any strength training during or prior to that track season. Once I heard about Infinite from a friend, I really liked what they had to offer. The different phases of strength training, coupled with corrective exercises and sport specific programs sounded amazing and I believed this is just what I needed to bring my game to the next level. I started training at Infinite in the summer of 2012 going into my junior year at UMASS Dartmouth. I met with Mike and told him my goals. From there he created a program for me that was specific to areas I was weak in, and areas important to my event. I followed my program diligently and with the help of all the trainers there I was able to really push myself. Since joining Infinite I have added over 60 ft onto my hammer throw and once again qualified for the NCAA Championships in 2013. This time, I was undefeated going into the meet and ranked #1 in the country. I had broken my own school record multiple times during the year and was named the Conference’s ‘Field Athlete of the Year.’ I felt so much stronger and much more quick and explosive than ever before. I ended up placing 5th at the National Championships and earned All-American status! This was my goal and I achieved it. I owe a huge chunk of that to Mike and his team at IF! Mike has created an atmosphere where, every time you walk into that gym, you know exactly how dedicated he and his staff are to your success.”


-Krista Chauvin – 2013 NCAA All-American D1 Gardner Webb University record holder


eric-demers“I’ve never seen results so fast in my life! The Infinite Team is amazing they created a program that was specific to me instead of the typical team program that most teams do.  The results speak for themselves,  in addition to adding 15lbs of lean muscle, in only a couple of months,   I’ve seen improvements in my lateral quickness, explosiveness, and power which has really helped me to play through contact and finish strong around the rim.  Focusing on my weaknesses has allowed me to take my game to a whole new level. If you want to be an elite athlete you would be crazy not to try and train here!”

— Eric Demers, Guard Gordon College Wenham, MA

“In a short time this summer I have already felt the benefits of training at infinite.  My body has felt better than it has in a really long time.  Coming from a college strength program where most everyone does the same thing, Infinite is much different.  Here there is a clear emphasis on personalization within my program.   The entire program is tailored to to me and my specific needs as an athlete which I can already tell is going to allow me to reach my goals much faster.”

— Nick Neville Notre Dame Baseball

Since starting at Infinite I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way i can move and my general athleticism.  Once I started training it really turned my summer around and I started throwing the ball as well as i ever have.  Everything just feels so much easier now.  The corrective/mobility work has become part of my daily routine and I think this will all finally help me to reach my full potential.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to train here.

— Jack Nelson Boston College


When I was a senior in High School I felt excruciating pain throughout my lower back and down my leg. I visited over five doctors before I finally found one that seemed to have a good idea of how to fix my back without surgeries (at age 17 I did not want back surgery). It took 3 years to find this doctor. He told me to stay active and do not slow down. He assigned me to a physical therapy program that would not just help my back but push me over my limits so I could get through the pain.  I visited Infinite at the beginning of my summer of 2017 and told them “I would love to join your program but I have back issues right now that I need to work out of before I can start getting serious.” This was not an issue at all for the coaches. Mike evaluated me himself and actually called my physical therapist to work out a plan to coincide with what I was doing with them. Training at Infinite has really helped me for the better. They pushed me, helped me, encouraged me, programmed specifically for me, and always made sure there was a smile on not just mine but everyone’s face. They helped me train and get my back better all while helping me to gain 11lbs of lean muscle .The team of coaches at Infinite are great, they are always fixing what you are doing wrong on the exercise even if it is just your feet 1 inch off where they should be, it’s truly great. Now I am in my junior year of college and this is the first year of baseball that I can say I am not in intense pain. I would like to thank to Infinite for building my roots and helping me grow as a person and a player.

— A.J. Purcell, Pitcher Husson University Bangor, ME


“Infinite Sports Performance is an intense training facility where the coaches push you to work harder in order to Jimmy Gutowskimaximize your workout. The individualized plan they created for me made training much easier in the sense that I know exactly what I have to do get myself to the next level. Since working with Infinite I have gained 7 lbs of lean muscle and have made significant strength gains in only 2 months. My arm recovers faster and has only gotten stronger. I would recommend any baseball player to train at Infinite. The results are much better than working out at a regular gym. The program maximizes performance and is an aid to getting you to the next level whether its college or professional 100% yes to Infinite Fitness”

–Jimmy Gutowski, Pitcher Eckerd College St. Petersburg, FL


“Infinite is unlike any other place I’ve trained.  After I was assessed my program was designed for me unlike most college programs.  I feel stronger, my arm feels better than ever, and I feel like I’m already throwing harder after only a few months.  This is the place to go if you are a serious athlete.”

— Matthew Leon, Pitcher Seton Hall University (New Jersey)“Infinite has really helped me to fix my weaknesses and imbalances.  Instead of doing the same thing as everyone else they design a program specific to what I needed to get better.  Not only has this helped me to get a lot stronger in the gym but it’s helped me to feel stronger as I get later into games.  Infinite is a no brainer the coaches will definitely get you to the next level no matter what your goals are.”

— Brandon Schlimm, Pitcher St. Bonaventure University (New York)


Image result for Ted Shaw baseball“I love training at Infinite, the environment is incredible. While other training programs fail to recognize an athletes specific needs they provided me with a program tailored to what I needed to get better on the field.  I was much tighter on my right side than my left when I started at Infinite and now I have much more mobility and balance on both sides in addition I’ve gotten much stronger and explosive in the process. Any athlete that wants to get better needs to take advantage of what this place offers because they can assess you and find needs that others can’t.”

— Ted Shaw, 2b Sacred Heart University (Connecticut)


“I love the fact that I have a program specific to my needs, everyone is different so why would everyone have the same program.  When I came in I had very tight hips, but they knew exactly what I needed to do to fix my issues.  I know have more strength and mobility, can perform movement much more efficiently, and have seen an increase in my endurance and velocity.”

— Dylan Collett, Pitcher  St. Leo University (Florida)“I’ve always been very stiff and had back tightness.  The program that was designed for me at Infinite have not only helped to make me more mobile but they have helped me to increase my strength at the same time.  This place has 100% helped me with my baseball career, I’m doing movements that I can see transfer to my position on the field and the results have followed.”

— Austin Cline, Pitcher University of Dayton (Ohio)


Infinite is just what I needed a program to address my deficiencies.  I feel like every training session is really making a difference.  When IImage result for Nick Miceli baseball came in I had some hip and ankle limitations due to a lifetime of hockey and I’ve already gained a lot of it back.  My power and explosiveness on the mound has increased dramatically and I’m able to go deeper and deeper into games, best part is it’s only been 2 months.  Good luck trying to find a place that is as committed to improving an athlete’s performance.

— Nick Miceli Pitcher, Wesleyan University (Connecticut)


Image result for brandon cook francis marion“Infinite Sports Performance is different from anywhere I have trained before. The energetic atmosphere of the gym, the wide range of exercises they have us doing, and the overall organization of my strength training program. They train their athletes based on what they need as opposed to everyone doing the same thing. I’ve noticed improvements in my overall strength because of the gains in weight each week. I’ve become more flexible and explosive with a wider range of motion. I have also noticed improvements in my pitching velocity and feel more explosive on the mound than ever before. If you’re a baseball player, no matter what age, you can trust in Mike Fernandes and Infinite Sports Performance to get you better. I leave Infinite every time knowing I have made strides to get one step closer to where I want to be.”

–Brandon Cook P, Francis Marion University Florence, SC


“Training at Infinite Sports Performance is a completely different Image result for gage griffin franklin pierce imagesexperience than any other I have had at a gym in the past. There is a lot of expertise combined with a great facility and that just makes results happen. You always have someone pushing and correcting your form (if needed) so you know you’re going to get something out of every visit you make to IF. It is 100% better than any gym I have trained at during my career. I like how my training program focuses and is designed around my strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Also, these workouts are beneficial for me because they focus on increasing my strength/stamina on the diamond. It’s not just bunch of random lifts! I’ve noticed my max increase in deadlift significantly (355X5 to 395X5) in just 3 weeks. My legs feel stronger and my arm feels the best it has because of the corrective they have designed for me. Any baseball player or even athlete for that matter if you are seriously dedicated to going to play at the next level than Infinite Sports Performance is a road you need to travel down. You’ll feel results and you’ll become a stronger, healthier, more dominant player without a doubt.”

— Gage Griffin Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire)


Image result for Dan Wertz Sacred Heart baseball“Training at Infinite Sports Performance has been amazing. Instead of giving you a generic workout Infinite customizes a program for your needs and goals. They are determined to turn your weaknesses into strengths. The coaches really push you which helps you to maximize your full potential. The gym is nothing like your typical box gym and athletes here are dedicated. The strength gains I have seen in just one month are more than I could have hoped for. The best part is my customized program. Not only is it customized to my body type but also directly related to the sport I play. If you are serious and passionate about your athletic career training at Infinite Fitness is a must, it will help you to take your game to the next level.”

— Dan Wertz Sacred Heart University (Connecticut)


“I started Training at Infinite Sports performance 3 months ago. Since then I’ve added 15lbs of lean muscle and already added 5mph to my fastball. My body and arm feel stronger and healthier than ever. I strongly recommend training at Infinite Fitness if you are a baseball player looking to take your game to the next level.”

-Ben Monteiro, Massassoit Community College Baseball


“As a former athlete, professional dancer and fitness enthusiast, I’ve been exposed to a variety of workout programs, exercise classes and personal trainers over the years. After only a few sessions at Infinite Sports Performance I can emphatically recommend their personalized training and nutritional program to men and woman of ANY age. You won’t find a more effective alternative that offers this level of training via tailored routines specifically designed and customized for your individual needs, committed attention and focus on measured RESULTS from highly experienced trainers, all achieved in a positive and encouraging environment at an amazingly low fee. If you want to see and feel a change in your health and physique in just a short amount of time, this program is definitely for you. I look forward to my next session!! Much appreciation and thanks!”

-Serene Former Dancer Phoenix Suns


Liz PedroAs a professional volleyball player, with Team New England, I had experienced shoulder pain and lower back pain during and after competing, which limited my ability to jump, squat, and swing harder. I came to Infinite because I had heard about the results other athletes had been getting and hoped they could help me get to improve my game and help me to stay healthy. After my assessment where Mike pinpointed a few things that were definitely limiting me, I was excited to get to work. The program that was written for me not only fixed my imbalances but one by one I started noticing big differences in my game. The first was my speed and ability to change direction, then I started jumping higher with more arm control, and finally NO MORE SHOULDER PAIN!!! I’m so excited about my improvements and look forward to a great season! Thanks to all of the coaches for the incredible support and coaching you provide day in and day out!

                                       — Elizabeth Pedro, New England Midnight Riders


20121118040357_01“I have been an established wrestler/athlete since I was in high school. I was a 2x Mass ALL-STATE wrestling champion and out-standing wrestler(the first person to ever do that in MA. history), a New England champion( finalist 2x), a national all-american, AAU junior national champion and am now currently one of the top ranked mma fighters in New England. I have been able to train so hard, trainers just holding mitts for me get tired before I do. I have always had an ego that I could go through any workout and still be able to go for more. Well Mike Fernandes and the crew at Infinite Sports Performance have humbled me in a very short amount of time. Mike has had me doing things that I have never even tried before. They have taken my balance, strength and conditioning to places that I have never questioned before. Not only do they give you workouts, but they make sure to push you and that you are committing yourself to the workout.They do not show you a workout and leave you alone; no they are right there motivating you through all your workouts. I recommend Infinite Fitness for anyone who is serious about their training for any sport because you hit the floor running.”

-Robert LeRoux MMA Fighter #8 ranked 135lb fighter in New England


jess_sullivan“Throughout my high school soccer career I suffered from a lot of hip problems and pain. I went to my trainer on a daily basis and he couldn’t tell me what was wrong so he would just tape me and tell me that this was my only option. It only made it hurt more; in fact I would end up having to remove the tape and try to play through the pain. Within a couple for months of coming to Infinite Fitness I felt no more pain in my hip and played my entire freshman year for the UMASS Dartmouth Women’s Soccer Team pain free and tape free. I truly recommend any athlete that is serious about performing at the best of their ability come to Infinite Sports Performance. There’s nothing out there that comes close to what they do.”

-Jessica Sullivan, Member of University Of Massachusetts Women’s Soccer Team


“It is so great to see the players you have trained make such an impact with us this season. There are a few local players who could have seriously benefited from joining. I am hoping that many of the current freshman will join after our season in a few months. Thanks again for everything you have done.”

— Nicole Hanewich Umass Dartmouth Head Women’s Soccer Coach


“After spending an off season training at Infinite Sports Performance I was able to pick up 11 MPH on my fastball as well as 3 more rotations per second. This is going to be huge for me as I enter my senior year of high school and as I go on to play in college.”

— Kelly Madigan East Stroudsburg University


“I decided to take my training to Infinite Sports Performance because a close friend and fellow soccer player recommended them to help me prepare for my upcoming season during my summer break. After a season-ending injury the year before, I wanted nothing more than to make a full recovery. The infinite fitness coaches played a huge part in getting me back into game-ready shape. The training environment is very challenging yet enjoyable. It is so beneficial to be surrounded by athletes who are just as driven as you are. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and provide constant assistance and advice in and out of the gym. The coaches create a very motivating and encouraging atmosphere. This gym is sport-specific and individualized to each player, which is what every athlete needs in order to truly get the proper training for their sport. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to get an edge on competitors, or just trying to improve your overall health the infinite fitness team will help you push your limits and reach your goals. I am extremely pleased with my results. I have been a full time athlete all my life and training here has allowed me to exceed my fitness expectations for myself. I am ending this summer stronger and more prepared than ever thanks to the Infinite Fitness Team.”

-Krissy Cicalis Springfield College Woman’s Soccer


Christine WhiteI Just wanted to let you guys know we finished our testing this week and it went really well. In fact our teams trainer pulled me into his office and told me that I had the best numbers on the team and wanted to know what I did over the course of the summer.  I told him that you guys modified his original plan and we stayed a little heavier.  He was really happy that you chose to do that and it was obvious that I worked rally hard because I’m in great shape.  So I just wanted to thank the entire team for a great summer of hard work and making gains!:)  I can’t wait to come back home for Christmas!

–Christine White RPI


Other Great Testimonials:

“On November 19th, 2011, I had my first MMA fight and victory. On short notice, Mike built up my strength and stamina to a level that I didn’t think was possible. With only one month to get me ready, Mike designed fun and challenging workouts. I usually don’t like working on my cardio, but after my first couple of workouts, I was looking forward to working with him even more. Mike is amazing at what he does and I would highly recommend him to any athlete that is looking to step up their game.”

– Bryan Pires, Clinch MMA Fight Team


“I come to Infinite Sports Performance to assist me in preparing for my Muay Thai and Kickboxing fights. It has been one of the best choices that I have made for my career thus far. Before I added their program into my regimen, there were some multiple punch and kick combinations that I could not successfully pull off, simply because I didn’t have the cardiac ability to support it. I highly recommend Infinite Sports Performance to anyone who is looking to take their training to the next level. Their expertise has been a value to my fighting career as well as the fellow fighters at my school.”

–Jessica Durocher Clinch MMA Fight Team


“I’ve been training in jui-jitsu and MMA for 10+ years. Training at Infinite Fitness for my last fight and competitions was a much needed part of my training that had been lacking. Not only did they get me in shape to go 5-5 minute rounds, but they also got me into the best shape of my life! If you compete in any type of sport or are looking to get in great shape, Infinite Sports performance is the piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing.”

–Tommy Teixeira Clinch MMA Fight Team (Jiu-Jitsu Coach)